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Day Care Center Rates

Day care prices will vary from state to state and city to city, but even within the same city you might find several different day care prices from different providers.  Although there is no set or regulated price for day care services in the United States you will likely find that the average day care prices in the US are 670-770 per month for children who are considered toddlers or babies and about 150 dollars less per month for older children who are of preschool age; these are per child average rates.  The prices could be different in your area as it seems the highest day care prices in the US can be found in Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Minnesota, and New York; while the lowest day care prices can be found in Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Texas.

The difference in prices for different ages of children is based on the fact that younger children require a considerable amount of one on one attention so day care centers are required to staff more care providers which increases their costs.  School age children are more likely to need less one on one attention so they can increase the child to care worker ratio making their fees less expensive.  This is a concern for some parents however, so it is important that you talk to the day care provider and ask them about how they calculate their prices.  Knowing how they calculate it will make you more comfortable with paying their fees.  Perhaps you are more comfortable paying a higher rate knowing that there is one care provider per every 2 children regardless of age?

Often times you can find day care providers that specialize in certain areas.  You might be looking for day care prices, but it would not hurt to ask the provider if they are a specialized day care center.  Some centers offer religious education, or at least will pray with and for the children, others might be heavily geared toward sports and physical fitness for children, some are dedicated to academic growth.  In any event you will want to be aware of any extracurricular activities they might have your children taking part in.  When your day care center has a specialty of any kind you can usually expect higher day care prices.

The quality of the supervision will also affect the day care prices that you will find as well.  If you are putting your child into a day care center that staffs only community college educated child educators you can expect higher day care prices.  If you are getting your child care from the high school girl down the street who is saving money for new shoes for prom, you can expect to pay significantly less, but your child will learn less and will likely not be socialized with other children.

When it comes to day care prices and day care quality it really is true that you get what you pay for.  If the price seems too low you might want to look further into what they are truly offering you and your child.
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