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Finding Day Care Center Reviews:

Day care reviews can be found online as well as in print and in many local parenting periodicals.  When you are choosing a day care facility or a home day care for your family it is wise to use every available resource to ensure you are making an educated decision that will meet the needs of both your family and your budget.    When using online day care reviews you need to use your own good judgment while taking some reviews with a grain of salt.  In some cases you might find twenty great shining reviews and one review that is deplorable.  In this case you should talk to the operator about their side of the bad day care review that you might have found.  In some cases you might find that one bad review in a sea of great reviews was posted by a person who was asking for a service that was simply not offered, or that they had done something to instigate the problem.  When posting day care reviews online people can sometimes be a little bit ruthless and aggressive.  With that in mind if the there are several bad day care reviews and only a few good ones it is likely that there is a problem with the day care center itself.  You should use  the day care reviews to create your list of possible day care centers and then take that list and visit each day care in person.

After you have visited each day care center that you listed from the day care reviews you should also try contacting each one by phone.  The purpose of contacting each one by phone is to check to see how well they communicate.  If they answer the phone you are calling to talk to them there is a good chance that they will answer the phone if you had an emergency and had to communicate with them during the day.

Day care reviews are a great starting point in your investigation and search for the perfect facility for your family but they cannot be considered a one stop shop.  You will still need to do your due diligence to ensure your children are getting the best possible care for the best possible price.

Don’t stop at looking online though, you can get fantastic relevant reviews from your friends and neighbors too.  The best reviews are the ones we get from our peers, they have real experience and can recommend a day care center that they know and trust.  This way your children can often end up in a day care center with children they are already familiar with which helps them to easily adapt to the change in environment.

There are thousands of reviews for every day care center but nothing can replace your due diligence.  Talk to friends and neighbors, look online, but visit the day care center and do your own investigation to ensure it is the right choice for your family.
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