Newborn Day Care

Day Care for Newborns

Finding adequate newborn day care is something that every working parent will face at one point or another.  Although we all would love to be in a position where we can stay home and raise our children ourselves until they are capable of doing things for themselves that simply is not an option for most families.  As single parent households increase so does the need for newborn day care services.  If you are looking for newborn day care service for your new baby or for a baby you are having shortly you will definitely want to visit each child care center personally to observe not only the behavior of the workers but also make note of how many care providers are on staff and how many newborns and infants they have in their care.

In most states there are regulations that limit the number of infants and newborns in any child care facility.  These regulations make it both more difficult to find newborn daycare but also make new born day care facilities more safe for the children they are caring for.  Newborn day care requires a significant amount of time and energy and one on one attention for each child in the facility.  These extra needs mean that more staff members are required as well as specialized equipment including baby swings, specialized feeding equipment, and one on one time during feeding, burping, changing and bathing.  It is because of these extra needs  that newborn day care costs are in some cases more than double those of school age and even preschool aged children.

When choosing a newborn day care you will want to be sure to check all of the available credentials of the staff on hand.  Are they parents themselves?  Grandparents maybe?  Do they have any professional child care or medical training?  These are all important things to have in a day care facility whether it is newborn day care or day care for older children.  The more experience and the better the credentials of the staff in the facility the more likely you are to be satisfied with their ability to supervise and care for your newborn.

If staying home with your newborn is not an option there are a variety of newborn day care options available in your state to help you out.  It will be on you however to choose the best newborn day car to meet the needs of your family.  Perhaps a day care center that will be able to care for not only your newborn but also your older children?  Most parents do not like splitting their children among different day care centers so looking for a versatile newborn day care so they can put all of their children into the same facility.  A mix of skills and abilities in a day care provider is important for most families to ensure their family can grow within the facility and get comfortable with the care providers until they no longer need the service.
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