Private Nanny vs Day Care

What’s best for you, a hiring a nanny or a day care center?

Everyone wants to do the best by their children, but sometimes doing so will mean they need to return to work so that they can provide all that a growing family needs. In order to make this possible they need to think about who will be looking after their child, there are not always members of their family that are either willing or available to do so which is why weighing up your options is advised.  Making a list of private nanny vs a day care center may make choosing easier.

Just as every adult does, children have different personalities that need to be catered for. Some children who are shy and do not get a chance to mix with others around their same age can benefit greatly from attending a day care center.  It could take a while for them to come out of their shell, but in the long term it will give them the communication and relationship experience they need to benefit from their schooling at a later date.

Some families prefer to bring in a nanny because it suits their lifestyles better. It means that they pay a regular amount and can also use his or her services of an evening should they choose to work nights rather than days or a busy social life.  The family has the time to get to know their child’s carer as an individual whereas in a center there are different staff members who tell you what each child has done during that day and may not be able to provide any exact feeding times or nap times that you like to keep to at home. This is because they need to try and keep the routines similar to others also attending so as not to cause confusion.

People who have older siblings can be picked up from school by a nanny but not through someone who provides day care to younger children.  The benefit to this is not needing separate people to take on this job or pay through the nose for after school clubs. Parents can relax in the knowledge that when they get back home from their job all of their children will be there waiting for them.

From an education point of view the structure that is provided by a day care center allows those who attend to get into good habits such as table manners. Even little ones who can be fussy at home about what they eat are more likely to try different foods when other children are doing the same.  They have set times where different activities take place which works on the basis that children respond better to knowing roughly what their day will entail.

It can work out cheaper to have a nanny live in because their room and board comes as part of their wage. For those who have a spare room this can be an ideal solution and means the house is less likely to be left empty for the whole day or evening while other commitments are dealt with.

It is perfectly legal to pay a small amount of spending money for personal use so long as things such as food and necessary amenities are provided. Many of the people who chose this career are from another country which could cause a language barrier and mean that the usual communication skills that are developed take a lot longer. On the plus side it is a great opportunity for them to learn a new language as the younger the age the easier it is for them to learn.

During day care children will learn how to deal with different kinds of people from different backgrounds with a structure that has been tried and proven to make them feel better stability. It will give them a taste of how things will be when the start at their school full time and lessen the chance of separation anxiety.  With a nanny, although a child may be more comfortable with their surroundings this could mean they are in such a comfortable zone that school issues are going to be more likely.

As you can see there are differences between both kinds of care that may not have been taken into account beforehand.  Each type has certain benefits and downfalls like most choices in life, knowing each child better than anyone else ever is likely to leaves the choice theirs and theirs only. Taking in information from others is a great idea; however the end decision will need to be what is best for your family situation.

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