Illnesses from Daycare

Contracting Illness from Daycare Centers

With hundreds of children attending various schools and day cares the chances are increased of your child contracting an illness from day care.  In many cases illnesses show no symptoms until you have had the virus or bacteria in your system for quite some time, this makes it difficult for you and other parents to know when your child is in fact too sick to be in day care or school.  People tend to be quick to keep their children home when they are obviously sick but if not symptoms have appeared yet the children can get into day cares and spread the illness to other children.

To avoid your child contracting an  illness from day care the best thing you can do is talk to your day care provider to see what their sanitation policies are.  Some facilities will disinfect toys on a nightly basis to help prevent  illness from day care’s from spreading to other children, but even this cannot fully protect the children in the day cares.

The smaller the school or the day care the less likely your child is to contract an illness from their day care or school.  Most classes and most day cares are very full and have many children in each class or group which means the schools and day cares need to do more to help prevent the spread of  illness from day care or schools.  When you are looking into day care centers before you enroll your children you should look for waterless hand washing stations for the adults as well as sinks and disinfecting cloths throughout the facility.  Sanitation is not a nice to have these days it should be considered a must in your family’s day care center and schools.  With the occurrences of new and frightening super bugs and the increase of regular influenza it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our most at risk citizens are safe from exposure.

Children contracting an  illness from day care centers is a problem that has been around for as long as day care centers have been around.  Ever since the first woman got the idea to trade off child minding with neighbors friends and family the spread of disease and viruses among children has been a problem.  Although it is not a perfect solution the best thing people can do to protect other children is to keep their children home if they are sick, but in cases where they are not outwardly ill accidents can happen.  Most day care centers will have measures in place to keep sick children apart from healthy children and will not allow the children back until they are healthy.

To reduce the likelihood of your child contracting an  illness from day care you should check to see if your day care provider is using proven methods to sanitize their center and all of the shared toys and surfaces in the facility.  This is truly the best way to ensure your child remains healthy and happy at day care.

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