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Finding Au Pair Services

Au pair services are becoming increasingly popular with young successful families who are finding that juggling work and family full time is a challenge.  Working for eight or more hours then coming home to cook and clean and spend time with their children before heading to the office mixer can take up a lot of energy and does not leave a lot of time for house work and laundry and other types of household chores.  An au pair is usually a female who comes from a foreign country and lives in your home.  More often than not they accept very little in the way of actual cash for their services instead exchanging room and board for working in your home and with your children.

Au pair services are responsible for fully screening and matching willing and qualified au pairs with host families in the United States.  If you can afford to feed and house one extra person and maybe pay them a couple hundred dollars a month you may be able to have your very own live in domestic assistant to help with home maintenance, child minding, cooking, and more.

Au pairs are a popular choice among American families who are interested in giving their child the advantage of learning a second or third language and receive quality care from a responsible trusted member of their extended family.  Au pair services have a unique way to matching au pairs with families in a way that allows both the family and the domestic worker to bond and feel an immediate connection to one another.

Children tend to take very well to au pairs and nannies because they live in the same house, and are generally around all of the time.  If your children are young when you bring your au pair in they are likely to take to them just like they do and aunt or uncle.  In many cases au pairs have families of their own in their home countries which make them ideal candidates for child minding in the United States.  They are familiar with discipline and rules as well as education and scheduling.

Au pair services are located in every state as well as abroad.  If you are hoping for an au pair from a specific country in order to give your child a particular language advantage you can simply let the au pair service know you want a bilingual au pair from a certain region and they should be able to match you with the perfect au pair within weeks.  The paper work and immigration can take a little while so many families start the process while still pregnant to ensure the au pair arrives in time for the birth.

Regardless of what your au pair needs are you can rest assured there is an au pair service that will meet your needs at a price that will be reasonable and easily fit into your budget.

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