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Careers in Day Care

There are a variety of day care jobs available at anytime ranging from working with the children to managing and facilities maintenance.  In all cases, no matter what day care jobs you are applying for you will be subject to extensive background and criminal record checking.  Since children are both our future, and entirely helpless without the adults that care for them there are extremely stringent regulations regarding the people who are allowed to be around them.  Even a small blip on your criminal record from your teen years can potentially affect your ability to work in a child care facility.  This does not mean only the child care workers either.  If you are applying for day care jobs that are in the kitchen, or maintenance you can still be rejected based on a criminal record.

Day care jobs are some of the most highly regulated jobs in the United States today along with medical professionals, school teachers, and funeral services workers.  To work in any capacity in day care jobs you must have a certain level of training as well as a spotless criminal record.  This gets in the way for a lot of people who want to or have to work in day care facilities.  Most people do not realize that there are other types of day care jobs too.  Who builds, cleans, and maintains the day care center?  Construction workers, electricians, plumbers and other maintenance workers who might need to come in on an ongoing basis for maintenance and even cleaners and interior decorators and delivery men and women.

No matter what kind of day care jobs you are looking for you should carefully consider your criminal record, and your love for children.  If you know that you could not live happily without children in your life perhaps day care jobs are the right move for you; but if you could take them or leave them you should consider a different line of work for sure.

Depending on the position you are looking for there might be some government mandated education you might require to obtain meaningful day care jobs so be sure to do the appropriate research in your state or any state you hope to work in.  The regulations and education requirements can vary from state to state and can change over time so be sure to research this information regularly to ensure your education and qualifications are still relevant.  If you find you do not have all of the qualifications to work in a larger organized day care facility, you might have to take a more junior day care job until you can complete the courses required to get to where you want to be.

Day care jobs are some of the most personally rewarding positions in society.  Day care worker get to go to work every day knowing that they are contributing to the betterment and continuity of our society and of our cultures and beliefs.  What could be better?
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