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Education Provided by Day Care Centers

Child care education in the United States has a few different meanings.   The term might refer to the education a day care provider must have in order to operate or work in a day care facility or it might refer to the education a child receives while in the day care.  Day care education is only required by day care operators that meet certain requirements in most States.  Your fifteen year old neighbor will not require special day care education in order to babysit your young son or daughter, but if their mom has a certain number of children in the home at any given time they might be held to government standards and regulations for day care education in order to continue operating their home day care.

Large organized day care centers require that all staff members have a certain level of training.  The lowest level of training one can have in order to work in a day care center in most states is first aid including CPR and defibrillator training, while other workers must have a full associates degree in Child Development.  Organized home day care providers who are large enough to be recognized by the state must have a minimum of Child Development Associate credentials.  If you have less than a specified number of children in your care you are not considered a ‘day care’ center by the state and are therefore not required to have any of these day care education credentials.

Day care education in respect to the education your child will receive in the day care facility of your choice is something you should consider very carefully.  In larger cities you can often find specialized day care centers that offer specific day care education to the children who attend.  There are many Christian day care centers where many of the child care providers are members of specific churches or congregations, if your family is religious this might be a viable option for you, but if your family of a different religious persuasion you might find it a little off putting to have your child learning about a different religion.  In other day care centers your child’s learning focus might be put on academics, or life skills.  Life skills and academics day care education is a popular choice for parents in most cases because as they are working their young, pre-school aged children can be learning important skills like tying their shoes, zipping their zippers, the ABC’s and other integral skills that all young people need to learn.

Since you are paying for day care services either way you should consider whether or not you want more bang for your buck so to speak.  By employing someone with higher levels of day care education you are assuring your child is learning more and by extension you are getting more for your money.  In days where every dollar has to do double duty paying for supreme child day care education is a way to get your child supervised and cared for while they are growing on a personal level.
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