How Day Care Benefits Learning

Most will already be aware that the day care available allows them to go to work or just get some time to themselves.  One important factor that should not be overlooked are the learning benefits of day care as they will most definitely give them skills that they would have otherwise not gained until they were able to attend a state kindergarten or school.  Children love to learn new things and can do so at a rate much faster than adults so making the most out of the age where they have this ability can only be positive.

Being able to interact socially is very important, especially as once children start school they need to be able to express themselves to avoid become frustrated. Through all different kinds of apparatus from building blocks to music interaction becomes second nature to them as they get older.  Those who provide day care usually have more than just the one child which means everyone needs to take turns and realize that sometimes they must wait. It is so easy when at home to just get the things you know a child wants when they just point to them or by a certain pitch of crying, however others will not be as in tune which means they soon learn other ways to get what they want or need.

Simple math’s can be taught to very young children without them even realizing it by using different shapes, learning the different shapes and numbers money comes in (as they come of age). While they learn nursery rhymes and see the activity as fun, they learn to use their fingers or other equipment to display numbers as they count from one to ten or twenty.

Being able to work out problems as part of a group is something that everyone will need to face at some point whether it is during their years of education or a job they pick when they are older.  This helps them to see things from another person’s point of view and to realize that working alongside another person or people as a bonus rather than a downside which may be the case when they first learn about sharing toys that they may not have had to in a home environment.

More people who work in an environment where they look after children that are not their own find they can benefit from having qualifications in early learning. This means that they have been trained up to teach those who are of a pre-school age once they become more receptive and are able to sit still for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

To work in education alongside providing stimulation that is appropriate to the target age groups is important, just as showing affection and how certain words, stories and even playing outside can show the reactions achieved by the child’s participation. This could be something as simple as being able to place blocks of the right shape into a sorting box or seeing how many wooden blocks or cups can be stacked up before they fall.

There are certain things that are expected of children who are of an age where they legally need to attend school as the ratio of adults to children will be significantly less in most cases than it will have been in day care.  Through learning how to behave there will be less chance of parents needing to attend the school because of behavior that is not acceptable. Those who have already learned what is acceptable in a situation where they are not the center of attention move on to the next stage of learning much faster.

Any lessons need to be engaging or children will easily become distracted which is why there is so much importance on getting the balance just right. Parents can achieve so much of this at home, but rarely leave their child in an environment where they are not visible to them enabling them the independence that is gained by others who have exposure to many different situations and surroundings.

Looking at other places that have been created for children but do not provide the correct stimuli such as orphanages in poorer countries it is obvious almost immediately that the lack of interaction has caused developmental delays meaning that they would find it very hard to adapt to life in somewhere that has better funding.  Certain talents can come to surface in children who have the opportunity to partake in many activities which means that their natural abilities can be developed upon.

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