Benefits of Play at Day Care

Playing with other children is very benefit to youngsters and teaches them values that will stay with them for life. By letting you know about the benefits of day care, your child will not miss out on essential building blocks that will put your child steps ahead of others who have not had this early advantage.

Firstly it is important that a child learns values they cannot at home, even if they already have siblings. They will be in an environment where they have other children who are around the same age as them, which will be the case when they start full time school.

When younger children play with older ones at home, you could find they have a lot done for them which stops them from being as independent as they could be. They get to learn from games that are age appropriate and how using them alongside others can be more fun than playing on their own.

If they are particularly shy it could be that they only get chance to relate to family members or close friends. By putting them in an environment where children of all different backgrounds are around them they can start to realize their individuality.

Parents with many children have to split their time between each one, but although at a pre-school the ratio of children to the amount of adults is smaller the day is very structured so they get used to doing things at the same time each day which is the same as what they will have to do at school.

The staff will have been trained to interact with the little ones in a fun way that also teaches them lessons that most parents would not have time to do. It has been shown in many different areas of research that moms who return to work and choose day care as their childcare option have children that have a better understanding and a smaller chance of them resisting when they reach school age.

As they will follow by example, the traits they pick up such as being taught to tidy up their own mess and having to wait their turn to get use of a certain toy or activity lessons the chance of tantrums at home when parents need to get on with things and cannot constantly be in a position to play at any time of day or night.

Even those who are not in for a full day will have been running around with others, this makes them more likely to sleep right through the night after taking part in the many different activities made available to them.  Whether working or not, this makes life easier for the family at home.

Although having to go shopping is an essential thing, it can be frustrating to a child strapped into a buggy or trolley. They rarely get the chance to be bored while playing with their new found friends and have many role play toys that teach them the importance of taking part in the daily chores from tidying up to helping during a shopping trip rather than crying through it.

Shy children soon come out of their shell and develop a personality that stops them from essentially being left on their own. Being able to speak up for them in an appropriate manner because of the communication skills they gain makes it easier for any care givers to know what they need, taking away the guess work.

All the games are based around the things they will go on to learn as they grow older. Part of playing gives better confidence to try new foods as they see others doing the same. They get to enjoy many books, toys and apparatus that most homes could not accommodate.

Group work often takes place and children may be given different roles, this eventually leads to them re-creating scenes at home and knowing what different people in the community do. They will begin to see that police are there to help if there is trouble, nurses and doctors can make people, firemen put out fires and certain household objects they should never ever touch and why.

Nursery staff know what signs they need to watch for so will act accordingly if they are ready to take steps forward like taking on more responsibility for their own belongings and respecting those of others.  They build a relationship with the parents too so rather than what you teach them conflicting with what they do at their play center you can work as a team to give children a consistent and regulated life as possible.

Because of their being a lot of children at the same place children pick up colds and coughs. This is not a bad thing because their immune system will become stronger earlier so they will not miss out on essential learning at school. First time moms can be reassured by play staff or notified if something does not seem right so that appropriate action can be taken.

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