Advantages and Disadvantages of Day Care

Before and after the birth of your child you’ve pondered whether or not to return to work with the aid of a daycare. Sometimes parents don’t get to make the decision. when choosing whether they should return to work or stay home with their child instead of using a daycare. Their options may have been picked for them. One might question how a child who goes to daycare behavior might be different compared to a child that stays at home with parents. Depending on various circumstances,a child who attends daycare may be better prepared than kids who stay home exclusively with their parents. Judith Katz,an administrator from Minee Subee Early Education and Childcare Centers says “While an ordinary daycare may watch over your child with safety in mind until pickup,an extraordinary daycare center may dedicate themselves to helping prepare your child for the future.”

They do this by working on colors,various shapes,numbers,anatomy,and some basic vocabulary to prepare them for reading.”Katz also informs us that usually when children are attending an early education facility,they are given the chance to socialize and interact with various kids of similar age groups. While interacting with their peers they observe manners and learn important lessons like how to share and resolve a conflict. These are very important skills that will prepare them for the future. A child who stays home with a parent or the babysitter don’t gain nearly as much experience. Even so,like every other thing in life,everything has advantages and disadvantages. Sharon Fried Buchalter a clinical psychologist with a Ph. D explains “Putting a child through daycare is a tough  decision and there are many options that suit various families”Buchalter furnished us with both advantages and disadvantages of daycare.

The advantages of a daycare are as follows:

  • A daycare offers a stable environment.
  • A daycare may be less expensive compared to paying for a babysitter.
  • Parents are more inclined to socialize with many parents who may have similar experiences and can help support one another during tough times.
  • Schedules are stable and are great for parents with inflexible work schedules. If a staff member at the child care facility is ill,a schedule is used in place of the teacher. However if the caretaker is sick,the parents may have to stay home with the child.
  • A great daycare facility usually hires staff that is particularly educated in early childhood development and education can help and monitor a child’s progress.
  • A good child care facility will offer many activities for your child to get involved in. Such activities usually include art,several activities centered around reading,and play time.
  • Children interact with other kids and learn social skills, where as a child who stays home may not develop these skills.

The disadvantages of a daycare are as follows:

  • Many parents are overwhelmed by the cost of a daycare. Depending on the salary of each parent,most of the paycheck may go towards paying the daycare bill. It may be best to stay with the child at home instead.
  • Because of the many kids who attend a child care facility, your child may be sick more than usual. It can however make your child more immune to illnesses.
  • Some day cares charge extra for late pickups and or early drop offs. If you are one of the parents who don’t watch the clock too closely,this may add up quickly. For those hoping to catch a break during holidays,this may not be an option for you as some day cares are closed during holidays.
  • Many day care facilities refuse to allow a child on the premises if they are ill. This may be a setback to some parents who can’t afford to take any days off.
  • Not many day care centers can offer individualized attention for each individual child. If you feel your child needs more attention,they may be best staying home with a parent.If you are determined to utilize a day care facility,make sure to check your prospect daycare out first. Check the accreditation,introduce yourself to the staff and talk to parents who have had experience with the facility first. If on the other hand you decide to hire a babysitter or nanny,do a background check and consider their credentials in order to ensure they qualify for the job. In conclusion both parents want a healthy loving and kind environment to entrust their kids to.
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