Required Day Care Licenses

What Day Care Licensing is Required by Law?

Day care licensing is a step many child care providers choose in order to protect themselves, protect their business, and to protect the families and children who benefit from their services.  If you are using a licensed day care facility you can rest assured that during their day care licensing process they were required to fill out a number of forms and provide a number of supporting documents included but not limited to the following:  Background checks on all employees including criminal record checks, fire evacuation plans, first aid training certificates for all employees, vaccination records for all employees as well as facilities maintenance and suitability proof.

Day care licensing is something that takes a great deal of time effort and paper work.  Licenses are not just handed out, each one will have a list of restrictions and limits that will include permitted staff members, number of children in different age groups and facility regulations.  There are rules regarding the amount of floor space that should be dedicated to each child, and how much natural light that should be allowed into the rooms that will house children etc.  These regulations might prevent the main day care are from being in a basement, or might specify that each child requires three meters of floor space which could limit the number of children a particular day care facility can have in the building at anytime.

Day care licensing happens by filling out a number of forms that you can usually find online.  Each state has their own regulations as well as their own enforcement plans in place for day care providers.  You will have to do a little bit of home work to find the day care licensing regulatory body for your state.  Regardless of what state you are applying from you will be required to provide a full background check and a complete criminal record check for each of your staff members.  If your criminal record is not completely clear you might find your application rejected.  Unpardonable offenses are usually grounds for immediate rejection of day care licensing.

As a parent, knowing what your states requirements are for day care licensing can provide you with the peace of mind you need to ensure that your children are in good hands in your absence.  Child care providers are a huge part of your child’s success and development so choose wisely.  Choosing a day care center that can accept all of your children will make your life a little bit easier when it comes to pick up and drop off and will ensure all of your children are cared for by people who are held to the very same standard of day care licensing.

Choosing a day care that has gone through the stringent day care licensing process will ensure your children are cared for by people who have had a complete background and criminal record check, as well as are first aid trained.  Day care licensing provides peace of mind for parents.

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